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About Just Aid - Neutralizes Sulphites


Just Aid aims to do better every day so you can enjoy life, living well. Are you sensitive to sulphites? We offer a safe and scientifically proven way that neutralizes sulphites so that you can enjoy a glass of your favourite wine, cider or juice without the unpleasant side effects.

Through our own research, and by teaming up with leading authorities, we’ve developed new product offerings and enhanced existing formulas to neutralize the sulphites in your beverage. Live, look and feel better—we’ll take care of your drinks.


Our vision is to be one of the leading companies focused on specialist health and wellness products.


To improve people’s overall health & wellness through the use of our products in their everyday lives. We aim to serve consumer’s who are looking to improve their overall lifestyle by maintaining their health & wellness.

Our Team

Our team is fully committed to improving the lives of those around us by focusing on products that maintain or improve people’s well being. In our quest to formulate and market highly effective, innovative, safe, scientific specialized, and quality products, our team researched, developed and improved existing product formulations to provide specialist solutions to improve people’s lifestyles.

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